Looking for a place to explore the Christian faith? You found one!

We are so glad you are thinking about visiting our church! We are an ELCA church that follows the Lutheran theology of grace as outlined in the Lutheran Confessions. We are regular folks just trying to figure this whole God and Jesus thing out together. We don't have a dress code and all are welcome- really!

We have a modern sanctuary with individual seating that is currently spaced out to honor social distancing guidelines for COVID-19. Doors open at 10:00am Sunday mornings with time for fellowship (that's church speak for hanging out). The service starts at 10:30am and lasts about an hour. We have a nice blend of worship music that represents that best of our heritage through the ages.

We believe that communal prayer is an important part of our gathering. We recite the Lord's Prayer every week together before taking Communion. Communion is served every week and is open to anyone who wishes to receive it. During COVID-19, we are distributing individual sealed pre-packaged wafers and juice cups to optimize the safety of our guests.

We believe that "faith comes by hearing" and feature the Word of God with 2-3 Bible readings followed by a 15 minute sermon. We believe that worship is the "work of the people" and encourage member participation in some of the parts of the service. This is referred to in church circles as "liturgical" and we like to think of ourselves as Modern Liturgical Lutherans.

We strive to gather as a community to live, learn, teach and share in no particular order. We understand that life is full of questions and believe the Word of God supplies a lot of the answers. We also believe that some questions go unanswered and that's ok. That is one aspect of faith- accepting that we don't have all of the answers.

The Lutheran approach to Christianity has lots of wonderful attributes. The general Lutheran order of service is Gather, Word, Meal, Sending. Our intent at every worship service is to offer an opportunity to come as you are, encounter the love and grace of Jesus and leave a little bit better than when you arrived. We hope you'll come see what it's all about. Peace and joy to you!

Please join us for in-person worship online Sundays at 10:30am or catch our worship replays online on our Facebook page.